What Do The Number Of Roses Mean

Because of what they “SAY” and how they make people feel. Roses have the highest vibrational frequency of all living objects in the world at 320MHz, that means the energy a rose emits consistently is 5 times the vibrational frequency of human beings. No wonder we love roses and no wonder they are used to express LOVE towards each other. We thought it would be cool if we all share what the amount of roses mean when giving them to another person.

We believe each journey has meaning and each stage of our journey is an opportunity for us to grow. We invite you on this journey. Enjoy the roses.

ONE ROSE: “You are or are still THE ONE.”

TWO ROSES: Mutual love and affection

THREE ROSES: “I love you.”

SIX ROSES: “I want to be yours.”

NINE ROSES: “I want to be with you forever.”

TEN ROSES: “You are perfection.”

TWELVE ROSES: “Be mine.”


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