Listed below are THREE TOP things to avoid putting in your salad when you start a cleanse. Wait a minute, I thought anything I put in my salad was good, as long as it was salad when I started a cleanse.

Yes Salad is great, we love salad and you should too. What can make it harder for your body to detox or cleanse is not the salad it is the additives we place in the salad.

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“You should try to avoid certain salad ingredients that our bodies struggle to absorb and digest during the first week of a cleanse.”

The typical salad is wonderful, usually the salad is raw vegetables like lettuce, spinach, sprouts, kale, and other vegetables. We know some of the best cleansing foods are vegetables and fruits. The first week of your cleanse is all about unplugging a bit, allowing the body to recharge and rejuvenate your body’s systems. Your body internal cleansing and detoxing systems all need to be maintained. When this happens it supports the maintenance of the organs and the cells within your body.

Let me share what you should avoid adding to a salad during a cleanse.

Many of us love variety and may want to add different grains such as legumes, nuts, and seeds to their salad. Some of these items are actually harder to digest, so when you’re doing a cleanse, especially the FIRST WEEK it might make sense to avoid all these types of grains, seeds and nuts.

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People who think about adding cheese to their salads DURING A CLEANSE and especially the first week of the cleanse might negate almost all of the benefits of a salad and the cleanse. This could be because these items are hard to digest. Milk and cream will create mucus in the body so this is something we want to avoid having on our salads as well.

Most commercial salad dressings are high in sugar, fat, and other undesirable ingredients so for sure these should be avoided and substituted with Olive oil, lemon salt and pepper if you need a simple dressing.

This might sound simple to many people but when you are in a restaurant it is actually quite common and it is assumed this is good for those who are dieting. Let us stick to cleansing and the third thing to avoid during a “cleanse & detox” is meat & bread. These are also harder for the body to digest and might not allow the detox and cleanse to perform at the highest level. We believe that removing meats and breads during a cleanse from your salad will make a big difference in your results.

SO ultimately the three things to avoid are those things that are not easily digested or removed efficiently from the system. Thought this would help as a reminder. So when you are working on your cleanse and find yourself in a restaurant ordering salad, make sure it has the ingredients you want and remove the ingredients you do not want.

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