A powerful, restorative serum with an industry-leading amount of Vitamin C.  Retinol and our proprietary peptides. Vitamin C is the one active ingredient that launched a revolution in skincare we just made it better! After two decades, the body of peer reviewed, scientific research supporting its use is nothing short of compelling.


We supercharge our Serum15 with our proprietary peptides to create peak collage production!

It’s the closest thing to a magic bullet in skincare science. As a standalone ingredient, Vitamin C promotes collagen renewal, fades skin blemishes, moderates inflammatory conditions, and protects the skin from ultraviolet light. The subsequent cosmetic and health benefits are incontrovertible.

The market’s Vitamin C-based cosmeceuticals distinguish themselves from each other by what else they bring to the table. At Journey66, we blended our forte in proprietary biopeptide technology with an industry-leading 28% anhydrous Vitamin C formulation to optimize the benefits of topical therapy. Here’s why.

At its baseline, collagen synthesis requires vitamin C as an enzymatic co-factor. Take it away, and the process doesn’t go very far. Barter for less, and you miss your potential. Assays for a core marker of collagen synthesis, proline incorporation, proved that at a vitamin C concentration of 28% by volume, collagen synthesis hits a peak in the presence of our patented biopeptide. Any more vitamin C would actually stunt the process. And as for the vitamin C already in your skin — the vast majority of it is unbound or already oxidized, which renders it inactive for skin renewal.

Creating a stable vitamin C formulation with no preservatives required a stroke of finesse. The essential fatty acid(EFA) linolenic acid proved up to the task – specifically by preventing the oxidation of vitamin C. The EFA could also contribute to the serum’s bio-occlusive layer, in tandem with the soy sterols, phospholipids and other humectants in the formulation, to protect the active ingredients from the harsh realities of our environment. Binding the vitamin C to one of our proprietary biopeptides rounded out the effort, bringing us full circle in a pathway toward optimum skin renewal.

By protecting the formulation’s active ingredients, Serum 15 also maximizes cellular turnover at the surface. It’s a core feature of Vitamin C. Ultimately, skin becomes more supple, more smooth. Refreshed. And whatever becomes of it, it will be protected under the potent anti-oxidant umbrella of Vitamins C, E and A.


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