Formula 24


“Formula 24” is designed and formulated to maximize detoxification of the five channels of elimination. These channels include the Bowel, Lungs, Lymphatic System, the Skin and Kidneys. We have sourced the best and most complete combination of herbs and the highest level of certified quality to place in this exclusive formula. “Formula 24” assists and supports the systems in the body by softening and preparing hardened mucoid matter for removal. This is the premier product and foundation of the “66 day journey” for real and lasting cleansing. At Journey 66 our belief is that we should work within lasting change and clarity of understanding. This is why we have created “Formula 24” and it is the foundation of the 66 day detox and cleanse when paired with “Formula 2”. To learn more about the journey please click on the link.

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Chickweed is valuable for treating blood toxicity fevers and inflammation it also has the ability to turn hard and mucus back to liquid state chickweed also will help dissolve the plaque at a blood vessels and fatty substances in the system it strengthens the stomach and bowels
It has antiseptic properties when exposed to blood and has been called an effective anti-cancer agent

It is excellent used in all cases of bronchitis cough cold and hoarseness
Chickweed is rich and iron copper vitamin C contains lots of calcium sodium and has a high content of B complex vitamin that contains vitamin D some magnesium phosphorus and zinc

Safflower has ability to remove hard phlegm from the system or mucus it clears the lungs and helps pulmonary issues safflower also assist with cholesterol levels in the blood

Burdock root
Burdock is one of the best blood purifiers that can reduce swelling around joints and helps with calcification deposits it promotes kidney function helps clear the blood of harmful acids Burdock root contains anywhere from 27 to 45% inulin a form of starch which is a source of most of its curative powers
Inulin is a substance that is important in the metabolism of carbohydrates
Burdock root also it’s a pituitary gland and releasing an ample supply of protein to help against hormone balance in the body

Burdock provides an abundance of iron and insulin which makes it a special value to the blood
It is excellent for gout an infusion of the Lisa‘s used a stomach tonic for indigestion and the seeds are made into a texture or extract are good for skin and kidney disease
Burdock root contains a lot of vitamin C and iron it contains 12% protein 70% carbohydrates vitamin a P and B complex vitamin and small amounts of sulfur silicon copper iodine in zinc


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