The Definition and uses of Slippery Elm


Name of Ingredient:

Slippery Elm

Latin Name:

Ulmus Rubra

Countries of Origin:


Healing Elements:

 It will relieve constipation and diarrhea. Slippery Elm has the ability to neutralize stomach acidity and absorb foul gases. Slippery Elm properties help assist the activity of the adrenal gland. It helps to boost the output of the cortin hormone which helps send a stream of blood building substances through the body.

Unique Qualities:

It draws out impurities and heals all parts of the body. It is an excellent remedy for the respiratory system. It has the ability to remove mucus, with a stronger force than other herbs. Slippery Elm contains Vitamins E, Vitamin F, Vitamin K, and Vitamin P.

Where is this product found in the “Journey 66” group?

 Formula 24