The Definition and uses of Kelp


Name of Ingredient:


Latin Name:


Countries of Origin:

 Iceland, USA

Healing Elements:

Kelp has the reputation of speeding up and burning off excess calories by controlling the body‘s metabolism and is helpful in the nourishment of the body with its ability to escalate metabolism. Kelp is a good promoter of glandular health. It controls the thyroid and regulates metabolism which helps digest food.

Unique Qualities:

It contains all the minerals considered vital to health it even contains a small amount of Lefferson Kelp which has a beneficial effect on many disorders of the body. Kelp has been called a sustainer to the nervous system and the brain, helping the brain to function normally. Kelp contains nearly 30 minerals. It is rich in Iodine, Calcium, Sulfur, and Silicon.

Where is this product found in the “Journey 66” group?

 Formula 24