The Definition and uses of Chickweed


Name of Ingredient:


 Latin Name:

Stellaria Media

Countries of Origin:

USA, Bulgaria, Romania

Healing Elements:

This is a small spreading plant that helps with eczema and other skin problems, stubborn boils, and abscesses. Chickweed is also used to treat insect bites, stings, burns, rheumatic conditions, urinary infections, indigestion, constipation, and wounds. It does all this without side effects.

Unique Qualities:

Chickweed may be taken in tea form or added to green drinks. Chickweed is a great tonic for cleaning the lymphatic and urinary system. It has diuretic properties and is useful when dieting or treating obesity. The tea makes a great remedy for stubborn urinary tract infection. You can also eat chickweed as a salad.

Where is this product found in the “Journey 66” group?

 Formula 24