Inflammation And How To Eliminate It

Are you experiencing discomfort in your joints? Do you feel swollen in the mornings? Is it harder to move around? Does it feel like your stomach is bloated and swollen? Are you low on energy and finding it hard to wake up in the morning and hard to get to sleep at night because you feel achy?  

Well if this sounds like you maybe you are suffering from inflammation? Imagine this, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information “These symptoms affect approximately 350 million people worldwide and nearly 43 million people in the United States or almost 20% of the US population. This number is expected to exceed 60 million by 2020.” 

It is completely crazy and it is only getting worse. Most of the “cures” are not cures at all but rather medications to dilute the symptoms and make the more “manageable”. I am not sure about you BUT I am not interested in “managing or masking” something artificially if there is a way to actually STOP & even REVERSE some of this. (We are not giving medical advice ONLY OPINIONS & THOUGHTS, if you have medical conditions please check with your Dr.) 

IF there is a way to do anything naturally to help with inflammation & achy joints would you be interested in learning more? You see I was interested and spent years learning natural ways to control inflammation. 

Even the Cleveland Clinic and other notable resources are sharing information about the negative effects of  chronic inflammation and what damage it can cause to the body.

“When you have chronic inflammation, your body’s inflammatory response can eventually start damaging healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Over time, this can lead to DNA damage, tissue death, and internal scarring.”

Now obviously the signs of chronic inflammation are much more subtle because it is something that is happening daily for weeks, months and in many cases YES YEARS. Taking control of your diet and your daily health rituals is your immediate line of defense. What we have learned is that there is NO OVERNIGHT CURE. That is right this is not a get healthy in 7 days article. SO if that is what you are looking for STOP READING NOW! 

IF what you really want is to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH NOW keep reading and learning. There are things you can do but it can take months and even years to stop or reverse a lifetime of mistakes. NOW is the Right time to start. 

Men, women and children who are suffering from chronic inflammation might find that their body’s inflammatory response can eventually start damaging healthy cells, tissues, and organs. That is right over time, this can lead to tissue death, maybe internal scarring or possibly DNA damage.

Imagine that we now can easily understand that these things all can lead to many of the worst disease we deal with as a culture here in the United States and increasingly in other parts of the world. We see inflammation as a direct contributor to the following.

  • rheumatoid arthritis (seems obvious now)

  • type 2 diabetes

  • Cancer (yes when the body is sending out to much of a seemingly ‘good thing’ it makes it harder to detect and repair itself)

  • Heart disease (who would have thought this but there are studies showing chronic inflammation is now linked to heart disease reports the Dr’s at Johns Hopkins)

  • Obesity (Science Daily quotes the University of Oslo’s study & if you really want to geek out look at papers published in the Archives of Medical Science)  

How insane is this report published by “Health Data staes that “An estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight. These are also major challenges for America’s children – nearly 30% of boys and girls under age 20 are either obese or overweight, up from 19% in 1980.” 

  • neurodegenerative diseases, including things like Alzheimer’s (how crazy is that?)

Tons of challenges and a really simple solution “LEARN THE TRUTH and Start taking control of your health and body now. One of the things I have been talking against for decades was that as a culture we have terrible eating habits, sleeping habits and a love affair with drugs and alcohol. We want things NOW and generally would rather fix a year of bad habits in a weekend with a 3 day cleanse.

Well here is how things really work, it takes time and we would love to share with you how you can simply take control of your life, your health and your dreams by starting with a 66 Day Journey and Practice. Learning about the body and your relationship to the things that  are complicating your health and well being. A simple increase in healthy supplements, movement and understanding can change your destiny now.


I always ask myself what is the underlying factor, WHY did this occur. That is what we all want to know so we look for the TRAIL in order to find the source of things. Inflammation is a reaction the body hard to what is being placed in it. I hate conspiracy theories so I will not blame drug companies for this even though they make billions masking instead of curing or better yet helping us avoid. It makes no sense to blame our government on soft policies that allow GMOs and unfair marketing tactics to drive Billions into the system and keep people dependent on the healthCARE SYSTEM”, that obviously would make sense our government is run by the people right? 

SO if it is just a series of mistakes over the last 8 decades then however it started one thing is for sure, WE NEED TO FIX IT and when I say we I mean WE THE PEOPLE who chronic inflammation is affecting now. We will take control of our own health and our own destinies, There is no point in spending time pointing fingers instead I encourage you to spend the time “LIVING THE SOLUTION”

David Cunnigham Co-Founder of the Journey 66