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Frequently Asked Question!

You can start anytime. There is never a right time people tend to want to start a new program after any holiday or any other event. Just start. The products are gentle you don’t have to have a portable restroom following you around, but you will notice an increase in volume and frequency in elimination which is good. You wouldn’t’ think of taking your stinky kitchen garbage out and carrying around with you all day long, but that’s what we do when we don’t eliminate daily.

Journey66 consists of a select group of herbs and other nutrients (cited in thousands of scientific studies) proven safe in the food supply. Most of these ingredients have been used for decades in one form or another and have been designated as part of the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list by US government.

If your diet consist of fast food/junk or mucous forming food the program will take longer to work since you are creating more mucous and slower environment for the food to be processed. If you are drinking alcohol this will slow the detox program. You first have to have a desire to change there is no magic pill that is going to help when you are bring more toxin in then your body can simply eliminate. Here is a hint try to eat raw more fresh vegetables , nut, grains etc and less processed foods i.e. frozen, canned preserved.

This is true our bodies do manufacture mucous it is a natural lubricate to help move substances through the body. Where we get into trouble is by slowing that movement down. If we don’t have an adequate bowel movement after we eat then that natural occurring mucous begins to stiffen then to harden, if the transit time is too slow, things begin to stick to it and this will attract parasites.

NO First let me explain. There is not any product natural or man made that heals the body. Each product creates s a condition in the body whether natural or man made which then allows the body to react, through the normal receptor sights within the body. The type of reaction which takes place will either allow the body to heal itself or the reaction will mask the symptoms. To give you an example I have a very bad back from previous injury, so there are times I take pain medication when I begin to get to uncomfortable, the medication simply mask the symptoms but as soon as it wears off my condition has not changed my back did not get healed. Now for my back to heal itself I have to give it an opportunity to heal. So I stretch, exercise take supplements so the proper nutrition is present and over time my back gets better and better. This is the way we all are the body will heal itself if given a time with the proper nutrition, and that is where all healing comes from within. If on the other hand I get my back feeling well then go out and ride motocross motorcycles and jump in the air 20 feet and pound my back it will then begin to hurt again. If you have arthritis you have to make some dietary changes, give your body a chance to heal, give your body a chance to eat the arthritis and eliminate from your joints. The Journey66 program would be a good first step to eliminate the arthritis or any other degenerative disease. You have to remember the body heals itself 11 times faster than when it got sick

No. If taken a directed everything should come out just fine. Now some people think taking more is better, you don’t want to do that with this product, you will become miserable if you take too much. When the body begins to heal it self there is condition known as a healing crisis. You may feel like you are getting sick, but you are not getting sick. In other words the body will begin to mimic the last ill conditions that you have experienced lately. These are all perfectly normal and are to be expected. The only caution is the symptoms get to strong then you need to take less of the Journey66 formulas so as to give time for all the waste products to evacuate the system. A cleansing cycle is good since toxins are being released and flushed from the body.

Yes this is one of the easiest and less time consuming programs to participate in. Simply take the required capsule morning and night it is that easy, your body will respond and do the rest.

No the Journey66 program does not require fasting. Each individual is unique and depending on your current health fasting may not be a good idea. On the hand if you can fast it will speed up the process.

That all depends on several conditions generally speaking if you are not obese and not genetically prone to be overweight you will notice a flatter stomach within the first 30 days, sometimes sooner. Now if you keep eating junk food, fatting food and try to make your stomach flat with this product it properly will not happen. For those of you who are genetically heavy your stomach reduction will be less visible than someone who has high metabolism

YES Journey66 will work even more effectively if you juice with it.

Researchers at the University College of London answered that very question in 2009. They wanted to find out the point of “automaticity” When does a habit become a habit. Without going into all the research data the results suggested 66 days to acquire a new habit. The full range they tested was 18 to 254 days but that sweet spot was 66 days, this allows the body systems to adjust and to develop new habits. In cleansing, this is a very important time frame.

We have 5 channels of elimination. The shorter cleanse plans are simply not long enough to allow the body to adjust. Most of the short cleanses only focus on one channel of elimination which is generally the colon, what about the other 4 channels of elimination shouldn’t they cleaned as well. Another undesirable effect of a short cleanse is the fact so much toxic waste is released too quickly overloading other organs especially the liver so even though you may get relief from one ailment with a short cleanse you may damage other organs or systems in the body.

No, as you begin to flush your body of these harmful and additive substances (such as drugs, prescribed, recreational, alcohol, and sugar products) your desire will decrease for these substances and you will make the choice to change your lifestyle. Lifestyle change does not come in a bottle. As your body begins to change there will be times when you eat something that use to give you real pleasure….now you realize it makes you feel a little unsettled and you may desire to munch on carrot sticks instead of those French fries… This is you beginning to get in touch with your body and recognizing what your body really wants.

No the only time you would taste anything is if you open a capsule in your mouth then you will taste the bitter herb; it is not advisable to open the capsules.

Most people the first day. If you where to take Formula 24 and combine with Formula 2 normal results is a deposit in the toilet within 12 hours. Formula 24 and Formula 2 are scientifically engineered to quickly yet gently flush the entire body of waste.

Think of it like this, have you ever walked on a beach in deep dry sand, you know how much energy that takes, but if you move closer to the waters edge and walk on the sand that is wet and packed walking is so much easier. Same principle inside our bodies. Over the years we have created dry sand in the form of toxicity, such as mucous, poor circulation, high blood pressure, fat and a numerous conditions. All of these conditions require energy to function, in other words if you have excess fat deposits your body has to spend energy to maintain that fat the same if you have parasites your body has to feed those bugs, the same principle applies to all degenerative diseases, all conditions require a certain amount of energy to function even if it is a bad condition for you. When your body expels excess waste such as fat deposits, mucous, drug residue and numerous other conditions then the energy your body was using to keep the functuality of all those other items alive and viable is now used for the original intent, you have more energy, you may notice that you don’t get sleepy in the middle of the day, or that your sleep at night is more restful.

NO you don’t have to. Let me explain what will happen. When I first developed this formula and about the first week I notice more volume when I had to poop. You don’t need to take photos unless you are into that kind of thing but rest assured the herbs within the formulas are working. There will be light days and heavy days just like in a woman menstrual cycle. Prior to flushing the toilet I would look at my poop just to see how much extra mucous is being released.

THE JOURNEY66 program in conjunction with Formula 24 were synergistically design to clean the entire body not just the colon but the lungs and bronchial, the lymphatic system, the kidneys and the skin. Not only will the Journey66 program clean those systems but will also aid in eliminating parasites and to rebuild and feed the circulatory system, strengthen the skeletal system and calm the nervous system

Yes the product does contain cascara sagrada. Formula 2 was designed to get you moving quickly with the program and to see the results quickly. It is up to the individual how long to stay on formula 2. I use it anytime I feel bloated and anytime that I may have eaten a lot of junk food maybe at a party or such and want to make sure I get everything out quickly.

YES Journey66 program will enhance any other diet type program.

Yes, In fact we have had very good success with body builders let me explain what happens. The Journey66 program is designed to remove waste but the second component allows your body to rebuild, blood, bone, and other vital organs. When you work out and lift weights and when you are taking other supplements weather it is a protein, creiteine, or whatever Journey66 program will enhance the performance of those products, on the flip side if you are taking prescription medication Journey66 formulas will try to eliminate that from the body so in some cases you have to increase your dosages of prescription medication since it recognizes it as a poison and wants to eliminate. Some body builders use our product to trim the last little bit of fat before a competition.

It will help just not as quickly if you weren’t eating all that junk and drinking alcohol. Just don’t expect miracles. You have to do your part.