Cleanses are Not Effective for Weight Loss

Yes I know you are ready to lose weight and there is a big OCCASION coming up so you want to do it FAST, why not do a quick cleanse and get some weight off FAST?

Well of course we  have all been there, help the dress or the suit fit a little better, look a bit leaner in a bathing suit. Cleanses that claim they help you lose weight are simply lying. YES you physically lose weight but it is less than temporary. What loses weight is a lifestyle CHANGE. A cleanse is a short interim and as soon as you are off it you will GAIN BACK the weight like most people do within weeks. The challenge in that is that it creates a series of messages to your body that send it into panic mode.

What we suggest at “Journey 66” is a sustained 66 day cleanse detox that slowly modifies diet and lifestyle. Every week we discuss what is happening within your body and start a clear path to educate you about the 5 Channels of Elimination and how to monitor them.

By reducing stress in the long term and increasing the “good sleep” you are getting during the cleansing period of 66 days we are working on helping restore the body to optimum health. Studies show that lack of sleep creates weight gain and we KNOW when the body is toxic and stressed it cannot relax. 

Thus we enter the vicious cycle and in order to break this cycle we cannot do it in a short term 3 or 7 day “cleanse”. As soon as you come off the “CLEANSE” people have a tendency to spike sugar levels by going back to alcohol, carbs and sugar. BAMM no more sleep and a toxic body, weight comes back fast.

This “YO YO” syndrome can be dangerous. That is why we believe that cleanses are not designed for weight loss. They are design for a simple reboot of a system but the same things that allowed the system to become distressed must be modified or completely replaced with healthier options.

A Long term Cleanse combined with a real lifestyle adjustment that you CAN and WILL commit to is the key to watching the pounds fly off and the stress become a thing of the past.

Here are three simple things that we have touched on in different articles that will help you lose weight during the “Journey 66” and adjust your lifestyle to maintain a strong body and a clear mind.

  1. Walk in the morning and in the evening. A simple ½ hour walk with some great music and some strong breathing exercises will melt stress and pounds. The movement of lymph and the circulation of healing blood flow and oxygen will do wonders for the body.

  2. Reducing the alcohol. Some people will tell you to eliminate alcohol and there are other schools of thought that encourage a glass of wine daily. Truth is everything in moderation wins. When there is another choice available take the other choice and moderate alcohol intake.

  3. SUGAR causes energy surges and crashes. Everyone knows at this point that sugar is not a great choice. So the more you can eliminate this and substitute fresh fruits or modified choices the simpler life will be and the SKINNIER.

NO-thing new right, well I was not trying to WOW YOU at “Journey 66” we call everything The Practice because you need to practice in order to get it right and sometimes when you are practicing you might get it wrong but that’s OK. We know that when you are committed to change, things change, and that in order to change we must have clarity.

I hope I shed some light on silly weight loss cleanses. Modify your life and combine that with a elongated Cleanse and Detox lifestyle. We are looking forward to seeing your journey progress.