Boosting Confidence with Daily Affirmations

By: Dawn Sylvester

A deeply sad thought to me was when the fictitious character Peter Pan proclaimed “to live would be an awfully big adventure.” I imagined that there are women in the world that feel exactly like that as if something is holding them back from happiness and real life.

All I could think of was how unimportant that person must feel. Luckily for me, my parents were supportive of me choosing my own path. My mother gently praised me, while my father pushed me harder, to always try to be better.

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I ventured out into the world at a young age, making many mistakes along the way. Finally, after many years, landing confidently and happy as a gym owner and women’s wellness coach. I coach women into the mindset and lifestyle of knowing that they are powerful, physically, and mentally.

  • What does the word “adventure” invoke in you?
  • Something that others experience?
  • Or, an exciting action you are going to make happen?

For many, a lack of esteem prevents them from venturing into the unknown. Unfortunately, many of those people are women.

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In their minds, they imagine that they will fail before they even take a single step forward. Fear of the unknown holds them back from becoming what they desire.

They remember something not working in the past…so they imagine the same outcome and stay stuck.

When your inner critic has a bigger presence, she wins every time. However, when you replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations daily…happiness and fulfillment will soon become your reality. It may be a new job, or the ability to lose weight. Maybe it’s getting a new haircut, or being able to start up a conversation with a stranger.

Whatever is holding you back today, I want you to imagine that every negative thought you’ve told yourself in the past…is not true. And, that every affirmation you say out loud during this exercise, IS possible and WILL BE your new reality.

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These may seem odd at first. But open your mind to this.

Confidence and boosted self-esteem will slowly emerge, just by adding in these powerful daily affirmations.

  • You will write these down and say them out loud daily.
  • As time goes on feel free to make up your own.
  • Writing them is so that you can see them.
  • Saying them out loud is so that you can hear them.

3 Daily Affirmations:

  • I am capable of making healthy choices so that my body feels, moves, and looks healthy.
  • My opinion has value, and I will convey it calmly with powerful intention.
  • I feel mentally strong, and I am excited to try new adventures.

The idea of this exercise is to replace the negative chatter that we all have in our heads, with positive thoughts that create the outcome we desire. When you repeat a positive message, over and over, you start to believe it.

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This massive shift in how you think and what you exclaim out loud will pave the way to boost your confidence in any situation that comes your way!

Sharing ways to live long and strong in vital and happy lives!