Nothing happens when your health fails, nothing good at least. In the current pace of technology, creation and understanding we have the greatest opportunity that has ever been presented to man. It is now that we can truly shine across borders and cultures to share and prosper together. In order for us to experience and grow we need to look at our health before all things.

Hi, my name is David Cunningham and I am the CEO and Cofounder of “Journey 66” and I want to take a second and really thank you for taking the time to read this. You know for me it is so important to honor people’s time, to share real information and to make a difference in their lives. I have studied health and nutrition for more than 30 years. Searching for just the right formulation of herbs, looking into the deepest parts of science & technology to understand how our bodies and our energy are connected. It is within this understanding and through these decades of research that we bring to market now what we believe is the most unique groups of products.

Everyone has a philosophy but many of us do not even know what that is, the one thing we stand for, the one non negotiable that defines us as a person. So it is with companies. What we stand for is authentic and clear communication of what we believe is the strongest direction for people in this moment of understanding.Whether you are learning about “the Journey” on Social Media or part of our community and discovering possibilities and new ways of seeing the body and health through our APP or Educational Series of Videos or you have heard of us through a friend and are on the site now just exploring, welcome!

Our passion for new ways of bringing nutrients and sustainable ways of life is not just found in our herbal supplements, our skin care or our personal development courses it is a commitment WAY BEYOND what the eye can see through the digital lense of life.

When we started creating supplements and teaching people the strongest and most complete ways to detox and cleanse we dove into something I never knew would take me this far. Our company and this mission is not only about packaging and bottles it is about participating to the fullest in the entire process of well being. Our list of holding includes farms in four, yes four different states. We are committed to sustainable ecology and growing. We use everything from hydroponics to traditional ‘organic certified’ farming techniques. In short, we love getting dirty and giving back.

This exploration and real ownership in the land and the bounty it gives has lead us to explore everything and understand things in ways we never imagined. How plants are connect directly to the earth and how we are connected through the plants and the earth to greater energy that connects us all. When one heals we all heal, when one hurts we all hurt.

So growth and healing is the direction of our company. We do this through investment, education, exploration and getting our hands dirty. I look forward to your journey, your feedback and your success. Please follow us on SM and share our articles and products. Let’s make a healthier world and a stronger future together.

David Cunningham Co-founder

For Immediate Release:
From the Desk of the CEO & Founder Journey 66

A letter for our community,
Obviously our hearts and our prayers are with the world daily. Our goal as a young company is to create a community that helps people THRIVE. To this end we have released Social Media posts designed to inspire and bring encouragement to families and people encouraging healthy inspired living.

What has made us unique in our approach has never been more important. Our families are thriving and they are taking our supplements daily, they have chosen to maintain the Journey and not get caught up in panic or rhetoric. Cleansing and managing toxins internally and externally should now live in the forefront of all our minds. 

As a culture we are blessed to be US citizens, and as always we will persevere through times of challenge. As entrepreneurs this moment represents a choice that we rarely have, to step forward and stand for something or to step back and be afraid. 

 We have placed a new order with our manufacturer and have come off the pre launch of our products. Things are going great, unfortunately we are down to less than 500 kits. Each kit is a 66 day Journey to maintain optimum health through your cleansing process. Getting the TOXINS OUT of the body and building the immune system is what we are doing.

We opened like most companies, leading with a great value designed to make a mark in the community. We offered our products at wholesale cost. That ended March first and a “RUN ON SUPPLEMENTS” have left us backlogged and with low inventory.

My business school taught me when supply is low and demand is high and you have the supply increase pricing.  Well at Journey 66 we lead with our hearts. For the last 500 units that we have we will sell them at the opening price of 149.00 and the next batches we get (whenever they arrive) will also be held at 149.00 until we as a community and a country are through this moment.

Please if you have a family order two, the supplements are fantastic for children if you cut the daily dosage to half of the recommended adult dosage. 

Formula24 and Formula2 are designed to cleanse and detox your system and we have full online courses available.

ANYONE wanting to take the online course to learn more about cleansing and detoxing as well as overall health, this will be FREE until we come through this. Our families are praying for your families. Please say a prayer for us, we all can use it.

David Cunningham
Founder Journey 66