7 Day Liver Cleanse Is A Waste Of Time

Nothing is worse than when you have a bloated stomach. We all know the feeling when there is gas in your stomach and your stomach feels so swollen you cannot even fit in your own pants comfortably. When this happens most people want to know how to get rid of the bloating FAST. Well first let’s look at 7 of the causes of belly bloat first and then explore together some natural ways to help our bodies: (In some cases, bloating is a symptom of an underlying condition so this is not medical advice so please consult your physician to learn more)

SO the real question is does the mythical “7 day liver cleanse” work, the answer for us is NO. Here is what the liver is designed to do with alcohol, one of the top ‘toxins’ of the liver. The liver will breaks down alcohol using its own two-step process. First, enzymes in the liver convert alcohol to acetaldehyde. HERE is where all the hype comes from for Liver detox or Liver Cleanses, you see acetaldehyde is a very toxic substance that damages liver cells. So excessive drinking or binging does indeed damage the liver. But then the acetaldehyde is almost immediately converted into carbon dioxide and water which the body gets rid of. So in the Journey 66 we help you actually learn what is strong information and what will actually help heal or give a system the time to heal itself. When it comes to the liver drinking too much alcohol can overwhelm these enzymes of the liver needed to convert the alcohol to acetaldehyde and acetaldehyde buildup can lead to liver damage. In Formula 24 we include a daily dose of herbs that promote the healing and relaxing of many of the organs and systems of the body that naturally are detoxifying the body. NOTHING needs to be extreme just controlled and consistent. Our goal is to create awareness of how the body is supposed to work and what is the best way to keep your body as healthy as possible.

David Cunnigham CoFounder and CEO of Journey66