7 Causes Of Belly Bloat

Nothing is worse than when you have a bloated stomach. We all know the feeling when there is gas in your stomach and your stomach feels so swollen you cannot even fit in your own pants comfortably. When this happens most people want to know how to get rid of the bloating FAST. Well first let’s look at 7 of the causes of belly bloat first and then explore together some natural ways to help our bodies: (In some cases, bloating is a symptom of an underlying condition so this is not medical advice so please consult your physician to learn more)

  • Belly bloat can be caused by excess gas in the digestive system, this is very common and can easily be taken care of by learning and understanding more about the digestive system.
  • Not enough or even a lack of exercise can be a cause of a bloated gassy belly and this is uncomfortable. This is not an exercise for life article but if the sneaker fits let’s start to walk more.
  • Constipation is the cause and we have several things that have been identified that are constipating you right now
            ○ Yes it is true a low-fiber diet, particularly diets high in meat, milk, or cheese may cause constipation and this could cause belly bloating, unwanted gas and serious discomfort.
            ○ Many times we are not aware of dehydration being a cause of constipation and that can also lead to a bloated and gassy belly.
            ○ Travel or other changes in routine.
            ○ Pregnancy.
  • Holding it in too long, yes holding it in. It is amazing how many Americans have poopy issues, that we are to “SHY” or concerned with using public or “Non Private Restrooms” that delaying the impulse to have a bowel movement can make us constipated and can cause massive bloating and irregular bowel movements are not healthy.
  • Possible additional causes for belly bloat can be (and should be consulted with a physician)
            ○ Irritable bowel syndrome (when nerves linked to your bowel are too active)
            ○ Acid reflux (which irritates your esophagus, the tube between your throat and stomach)
            ○ Even hemorrhoids can create bloating in the stomach
  • YES we are going to go there, certain medications, such as high calcium antacids and pain medications will cause constipation. Many of these are also causing belly bloating and gassy uncomfortable reactions. This is something you need to check with your Doctor on but they certainly can be the reasons for discomfort and can be throwing you off track. Look for alternative and if possible natural alternatives your nutritionist or Dr might be aware of.
  • Gastroparesis is a medical condition that affects the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. Although in some cases it requires medicine and professional medical consultation there have been natural ways to treat this. Eating smaller portions and managing the types of food that you eat are a great start to overtaking this cause of belly bloating.

So here is what we really want to do for our health and well being:

  • Stomach gas relief, we want some real relief and do not want to have to take medication. Obviously we cannot concentrate on anything when this is happening.
  • We know we have to eliminate constipation in order to help that bloated belly stay down. We know that constipation is something that causes your stomach to feel bloated and full and when you are constipated bloating happens fast and repeat itself often.
  • We want to get rid of Stomach gas and bloating naturally if possible and we want to secret to knowing how to control this so it does not continue and we are in control.

My journey has not been much different than yours and we understand that it takes time and education to make the changes we want in our lives and in our bodies. Journey 66 looks for the best ways to share the education and bring to the forefront the strongest natural paths to supplementation. Our core philosophy is something that is going against the “TRENDS”. Belly bloating happens regularly when something is not balanced in your system. Journey 66 places a 66 day plan of supplements, natural laxatives and simple education to help regulate your body and create a greater understanding of how your SYSTEMS should feel and work.

Getting rid of non medical related STOMACH BLOATING starts by understanding the source of the discomfort. Adding simple exercises like

  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Simple Yoga

Are a great place to start when you want easy simple relief of a bloated gassy belly. Adding herbal supplements and natural laxatives like formula 24 and formula 2 to your diet for 66 days will not only help you detox and cleanse but the attached 9 weeks of education will help you understand more about your excretion and elimination systems than ever before. So make the small shifts and get on the right plan now so you can control your experience and your life. I look forward to seeing you on the “JOURNEY”!

David Cunningham