Our 66 day “Journey” is taking the country by storm. Combining, Science, Earth & Nature as well as the understanding of Self-healing. Learn more NOW!

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"Formula 24" is designed and formulated to maximize detoxification of...

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I am Claudio from Italy. I came to USA to visit friends. I found Journey66 on internet one day. So my friend orders for me. In three days I how do you say defecate so much. I feel good. Now I want to stop the smoke and clean my breath.
At first I was looking for a 7 day cleanse because I really wanted to get it done fast and didn’t understand anything about the system. ThenI heard about Journey 66 and David Cunnighams 66 day cleanse. It made sense and we started the following week. The Weekly classes really helped keep us on track and really understand what was happening to my system. In the end I felt great, had more energy and was visibly ‘thinner’. Loved this type of cleanse. ​
Krystal Kate
Thank you Thank you Journey66 staff, I am in the transportation business (truck driver) and on the road constantly which also means my eating habits are not very good. I was 100 lbs over weight but now have lost that weight simply by using Body Flush and adjusting the amount of soda and junk food I was eating. For all you who think that you will have to live on the toilet it is not the case with this product. Everything has been very gentle on my system and it’s not like I can stop every hour to use the bathroom. Thank you so much. By the way my blood pressure is now normal and my cholesterol is in the normal range also.
Tom Lee
I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I first visited your site. I work in the entertainment business and have seen every fade that you can image to lose weight ,detox, maintain youth. I have tried a lot of these fade type programs, but WOW the results I have achieved with Journey66 is crazy. I had no idea a body could have so much junk inside and still function. All my bloating and feeling full is gone, I no longer look like I am 9 months pregnant. One side affect to your product is that my joints aren’t aching any longer and I don’t crave that mid afternoon nap. I would defiantly recommend this to everyone.
Kylie Watson
I’m not much on writing emails but with what has happen I had to share my experience. I’m 60 years old and have never tried a detox, cleansing program before. I’m a little over weight and have a little blood sugar problem. I started the program very slowly since I didn’t know what to expect. After 3 weeks I gave birth to some of the nastiest fecal matter and, the smell was beyond comprehension it was beyond the smell of death. At the time of passing it was very uncomfortable and I felt sick, but after it passed I felt very light and my energy increased. Now I know what to expect I am taking a more aggressive approach and really watching what I eat. Thank you so much. PS My wife is 20 years younger and this has even helped with our intimate relationship.
Steve S
I just had to write and tell my story. I‘m 23 years old female and have suffered with constipation my entire life. When I was 6 or 7 my mum had to give me enemas for me to have a bowel movement. Mum made me drink prune juice and eat all kinds of nasty fiber foods, this helped but if I stopped for any length of time I would get so constipated I wouldn’t go for 3 or 4 days. Because of straining to go I developed bad hemorrhoids. The constipation also affected my period and my skin. I feel very blessed that I found a solution for all the problems I was having, and I know there are other girls out there that are suffering just as I was. All I can say is get on this stuff and get regular.
Carol Iris

What Is The Journey?

The journey is more than just taking supplements it’s a series of events in your life that form a new culture of living eating well and clean, exercising, stretching, stress relief through yoga and meditation, being of service to others, learning to love yourself.

What is the cleanse and flourish supplements in the journey 66 program

The journey is a full body cleanse and detox that focuses on the five channels of elimination

Those channels are the skin the lymphatic system the lungs and bronchioles the kidneys and the bowel

These five channels work in unison when you were doing a full body cleanse in one of these channels at a time is not as efficient or long-lasting as cleaning all five simultaneously.

IMAGINE that there is a way to feel healthier, stronger, lighter, cleaner. Is it possible that by understanding and taking care of the body we create the opportunity to take care of the other areas within our lives.

What the Journey 66 is not:

  • Journey 66 is not a “weight loss” program, although many of our people experience sustained weight loss when they adopt our program.
  • Journey 66 is not a “miracle healing program” and it will not sure you of anything. YET many of the people who have taken the journey have become “healthier” by their own definition.
  • Journey 66 is not a “liver cleanse” program, and many of the people on the program have reached out and shared how much better they feel after the 66 day journey is complete.
  • Journey 66 is not a “get rich quick” program, YES it is true that when you feel better and clearer and more aligned great things happen. When you are more in control of one area of your life by default the other areas begin to respond and many of our people seem to do better financially after they have applied for the program and the principals to their lives over a sustained period of time.

“The Journey 66” is more than one would think. Yes all the things that are popular could happen when you are on the program, as a matter of fact, most of these things do happen for most of the people who are adopting the program in varying degrees.

WHAT JOURNEY 66 IS is simple. It is a clear path to a sustainable lifestyle that envelopes many aspects of what we do and how we live. We care for the body internally and externally with the use of incredible well designed and researched products. We practice daily what we learn and assess our bodies and our energy to maximise our daily experience. We seek true solutions to our daily lives and live within the ideals that the world is becoming a better place.

Journey 66 is simply that a lifelong journey, and the journey starts with our foundational product.

  • A simple 66 day cleanse and “RESET” for the channels and organs in our body.
  • Some great explanations, education and understanding through our 9 weekly classes that are part of the initial journey.
  • Daily proprietary supplements are designed to help the body heal and eliminate.
  • Our support products that help create rituals and practices that focus on self healing and self love.

We are excited to share this journey with you and explore what is possible together.